Core Values

Shieldyourself core values are central to our decision making process and the services that we provide to our clients. Our values are:

  • Innovation: We never rest on our laurels and always challenge our own products and services to find new and improved ways of tackling compliance.
  • Fun: We are not the fun police. We aim to provide our clients with knowledge and understanding so that they can make an informed choice. Training, guidance and coaching are a big part of our solution and we know that adding some fun can help the learning process and engage our clients.
  • Integrity: We haven't let anyone down and we don't intend to, we say what we are going to deliver and we deliver it.
  • Teamwork: We see ourselves as an extension of our clients business.
  • Safety: We are so passionate about compliance safety that we just had to have it as a core value. Our primary goal is to support our clients to remain safe and legal.
Continuous Cycle of Improvement

Featured products and services:


eNewsletter keep up to date with Health and Safety and Food Safety legislation and industry news


Our Health & Safety Audit solution

Audits Comprehensive on-line auditing service.

Health & Safety

Food Safety

  • World-class online Helpline solution

    Helpline App Comprehensive on-line helpline service.


    Enforcement challenges

    Food poisoning

  • eLearning saves time & money on training

    eLearning Save time and money on training.

    Health & Safety

    Food Safety

    Fire Safety

  • Diaries

    Diaries Save £2,000 per year in print cost, purchase a comprehensive pre-printed diary.

    Health & Safety

    Food Safety