food recall

July 25, 2016

Food Fraud: What’s the Real Reason for the Increase in Food Recall?

Manufacturers work thoroughly to ensure that all food on the market is safe. However, sometimes problems arise which are out of their control. In such cases, corrective action needs to be taken in the form of product recall, causing foods to be taken off the market. Although very common, recalls can have detrimental effects on […]

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developer interview

July 20, 2016

Shieldyourself Interview — Junior Software Developer

In the latest instalment of our ‘Shieldyourself Interview’ series, we chatted to one of the team behind the Compliance Centre. Hello, could you introduce yourself and your role within the Compliance Centre team? My name’s Jamie and I’m a Junior Software Developer. My role is to generally improve efficiency and make everyone’s lives easier internally, by […]

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food fraud

July 14, 2016

Food Fraud: Can We Really Trust the Food on Our Plates?

Cast your mind back to the major news events of 2013, and one headline stands out above all others; the horsemeat scandal. The revelation that horsemeat had crept into everyday products in major supermarkets across Europe sent shockwaves across the food industry and raised the question – can we really trust the food on our […]

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